Candidate Engagement with Hire Abby

Hire Abby identifies, screens, and engages candidates 24/7/365. Our personalized, two-way conversations provide a human touch to automation.


Replace long waits with
immediate engagement

Abby streamlines your recruitment funnel with A.I. powered conversations so you can focus on making hires.

Qualify candidates with
multiple layers

Combine real conversations, resume data, and + 200 public sources to convert the best applicants into your next hire.

Never start a search
from zero again

Keep candidates warm with quick conversations and updates so you always have a qualified pool ready to engage.

Powerful technology
that is simple to use

Nothing to install or configure. Tell Abby your criteria and then takeover conversations directly from your inbox or ATS.

Get started with conversational recruiting

Cutting edge recruiting teams use bots to automate their outreach. Instead of relying on forms, resumes, and follow-ups, Hire Abby connects your team with the best candidates in real-time. 


Time-saving superpowers

Connect 24/7

Give your team access to always-on sourcing, screening, and nurturing.

Begin With The Best

Start your hiring with conversation qualified candidates instead of cold leads & resumes.

High Engagement Rates

Keep talent engaged with automated follow-ups & tips throughout the hiring process.

Hassle-Free Outreach

Leverage powerful algorithms to connect with the right message at the right time.

Awesome Candidate Experience

Every applicants gets the experience they want without extra work from your team.

Automated Insights

Uncover trends in pay and skills from real conversations with your talent pool.

Total Time Saved

Hire Abby in Action

Optimized Recruitment Funnel

Over 60% of your applicants leave during the recruitment process. Learn how Hire Abby used intelligent outreach and reminders to maximize sourcing investments.

Right Place, Right Hire

Most candidates don’t spend time on job boards. See how Hire Abby taps into SMS and messaging apps to reach new audiences with high engagement rates.

Smarter Sourcing

Replace keywords and filters with machine learning. Learn how Hire Abby optimizes engagement with the right candidates on the right platforms.

Ready to try modern outreach?